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Now is the time.  Choose.  To own your story.  Your weakness.  And your strength.  Own your future.  Accept.  Lean in.


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A full-time, divorced, single father of 4, I'm also a Certified Life Coach and Health Coach.  Using what's been described as a colorful style and folksy wisdom, I help families and individuals navigate the post-divorce landscape, overcoming the devastation so they can confidently rebuild lives and relationships that are happier, healthier and more whole.

Creatively, I've spent over two decades as an independent writer, story developer, marketing consultant, creative director, and messaging guru across the entertainment, self-improvement and health and wellness industries.  A Producing graduate of USC’s School of Cinema-TV,  my quiet work creating media for groups such as the FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER LIFE and the company born of THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE continues to positively impact millions.

Emerging from my own 5-year-long divorce journey with lessons, skills, and inspiration to share, I chose to finally step into the light to observe a commitment I made to myself in the darkest hours of my divorce: If I survived, I promised to pay it forward by uplifting and mentoring others on the same path.

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How I Can Help You



Curtis Tyrone jones 
Relationship Coach, Author

You have a unique skillset that only few possess and that makes you incredibly valuable to so many!

Dr. Giselle Batcheller 

James in an amazing teacher, father, entrepreneur, and creative.  What he shares in his courses is uplifting and empowering.  He is a gift to the future of individuals, children, and families.  His wealth of knowledge coupled with his uniquely thoughtful and inspiring ability to communicate is what makes the experience of being taught a wonderful one.  He has transformed his life’s most difficult obstacles into stepping stones, and he’ll help you see how you can too.

Christopher loch 
Men's Course Creator

James Bastian thank you for providing me with a hopeful vision of a brighter future that kept me moving forward through the darkness.

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